I have lived with Trains all of my life, when I was a young lad I’d hear them all day when I was at play, but I really didn’t pay that much attention to them. When night fell, the trains would lull me to sleep, rumbling a long like thousands of packs of horses snorting and their hooves thundering down the train tracks at an unimaginable speed, Loud sounds of rhythmic short bursts of KA- Klunk……. KA -Klunk as the wheels of the train cars rolled over one track and began their journey onto another one. When trains slow down to a stop, their air brakes sound like a huge numatic machine letting out air,and the screeching wheels of the box cars

In literature Trains have been described as snakes or bullets, but I see them as armor clad centipedes slithering along the countryside, injecting themselves into tunnels, some short and some long. The train engines are laden with dirt and dust, this lets you know that they have been working hard to get products from point A to point B on a constant basis.

Trains, their boxcars are a street artist’s canvas, so tall and wide. Their color is a deep barn red, black or a deep hookers green. Young kids come out at night with an arsenal of cans of spray paint, some kids tag the cars with street gang insignias, while other kids take their time and spray beautiful descriptive murals on the cars. I love to watch the boxcars as they roll by on the railroad tracks. The vibrant colors depicting well thought out ideas, sometimes one might see unfinished paintings, most likely due to the yard boss scaring them away.

Just think, what a wonderful and clever way to get one’s message out. Paint a boxcar and know that the whole world will see it.

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