Good Morning Friday

Halloween was yesterday, and we didn’t get any kids at the door. That in itself was a blessing, now what to do with all the chocolate? well, if you’ve been following me for a bit you know that I’m in Recovery, so I’m going to take all the leftover candy to our local 12 step meeting and hope that they eat it all.

Yes! I will get on with it…. Ha Ha! so, wednesday of this week my mental illness was at its peak , and I went on a run around with the pharmacy and my doctor in order to get my psych meds started… long boring story, my doc finally gave me some samples until the pharmacy and my insurance could get this shit straight. I was beginning to level off so that night I went to a 12 step meeting found my new friend, sat him down and proceeded to do a mini-4th step with him. It went well, he discovered some new things about me.

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