Son of Recovery in Motion

Recovery in motion continued

Where am I in Recovery today?
I’m so glad you asked me this question, because I’ve been bursting at the seams waiting to tell you.
As of today 11/16/19 I am still going to meetings, but more often I am there to offer support to newcomers so that they can stick with it and not relapse. You, yourself know relapse is a recovering addict’s worst enemy, because if we use again we may not live through it to come back. I want to give back to newcomers and others, as well as get more tools from them for my recovery.
Here is where I get recovery:
Narcotics Anonymous
Drug Addicts Anonymous
Dual Recovery Anonymous

I also use Social Media, such as FaceBook and FaceBook Messenger to stay in contact with member from the local 12 step groups. I also talk to folks from all over the world who are in Recovery. It can become lots of fun to gather Recovery Tools from all over the world, so as you see you really are “Never Alone”.

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