It’s My Opinion

Recovery is for all of us, but are we ready for it?
I am in re-write Hell!

Step One

A few days ago a friend on WordPress posted his opinion about recovery, you may have seen it, it is titled “Why I Love and Hate the 12 Steps”. It’s ok to Love or Hate the 12 Steps, here’s my take on it.
It’s ok to “Love and Hate the 12 Steps” Let me give you my take on this.
First I want you, the reader to know I was so upset after reading “Why I Love and Hate The 12 Steps” Why? Because I feel empathy for the person who wrote it. He is/was me oh so many years ago when I was going through something similar to his indecision. In 1984, I had been in the Psych Ward detoxing, I got out after my 3 week stint and went to a 12 step meeting or 2 during the week, and I still had not made a firm decision to stop using drugs. I was using whatever and whenever I felt I needed to kill the pain of my life. I started smoking cannabis again and got bored with it once again and then I ran back to my old friend heroin…. again.
Powerlessness – Is the lack of Power one has over their addiction… what this means; So I go to someone’s house to hang out with a friend I know, this guy brings out a gram of cocaine, I know deep in my heart that I cannot be around drugs of any kind for the simple fact that I can’t use just one or once, why? because my mindset tells me to use more and more after that. I’m not allergic to drugs, I know for a fact that I don’t know when or how to stop at one, I don’t have the Power to stop at one, and this is why I don’t use any drugs or alcohol at all. I want to stay alive, out of jail and have meaningful relationships with my friends. The need to get High will ruin all of those. So, this is why I feel Step One is so important.

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