Where I came from Part 3

Strolling through Hell

The day of my dad’s funeral, Jerry drove me around Sumpter township so we could sightsee, roll and smoke some joints. I got to see farms and cornfields with their stalks cut down to the ground. It was the month of November, Strange how November is month where lots of things hibernate or die. Then he drove us back to the Funeral home where my dad was having his farewell service. When the service was over everyone drove 10 miles south to the grave yard. No one knew how distraught I really was, they didn’t hear me when I was alone telling God that “I Wished my dad were dead”, and how when he died, I thought I had, had a part in his death. God knew, he saw all the shit that I had gone through.
This one event gave me a unique opportunity to change the direction that I had steered my life in, but I ignored it, I just kept strolling through Hell, I’d stop along the way and get free sample of different types of chaos, some of the chaos was so tasty, I’d stick around for a bit longer and get a second helping of it.
My High school daze, were High In School days.

Part 4 is on it’s way

I want to start on a new page.
Thanks for reading.

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