And here we are!

I’ve re-written the topic of this post several different times, it is my hope that this is the one that becomes complete.

Being a Christian and having a mind of your own is a rare occurrence these days. If you belong to any Christian denomination, it is best to keep you political and social opinions to yourself lest you offend your Pastor or your Christian brother or sister. We know this all too well, for we are Christians, and we are targets of the right wing Christians in our community.

Sit back, this list is long:

  1. You are not a Christian, if you don’t follow our current President”. Really? since when did that stipulation appear in the Bible?
    You realize that this president has done things to other humans that God himself would not have condoned. He locks people up in cages who live in a very poor country nextdoor to the United States, these people risk their lives to come over to our country and find shelter and make a living better than the one that they currently suffer through in Mexico.
    What is more alarming is that the United States has been using this cage method for awhile, so one should think that word of this has gotten back to Mexican folks planning to come to the United States Illegally, and yet they keep coming. Think about it.
  2. Abortion- Everyone seems to disagree on this topic. I offer you a solution that rarely, if ever discussed, Adoption! Think about it, an almost perfect solution. No more death of the unborn. A woman still has the right to chose! and the child lives. I see this as a Win/Win for all women. We can split hairs about it later.
  3. Queer Folks- I love them, some queer people would make better Christians than people who call themselves Christians. If Joe and John want to get married, so be it. If God doesn’t like it he will let them know. I have many more important things to attend to than get all hateful about queer folks.

These views are my own and if my wife shares them, she will let you know.

Thanks for reading

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