A Better Life

The blessings and or benefits I’ve received from recovery.

The thought had a occurred to me a day or so ago that I ought to tell you (the reader) about all the good things that recovery has given to me. So, lets do this:

  1. I became employable, I got my 1st job through another person in recovery. Those seem to be the best sort of jobs, because you either are working for a person in recovery or you are working with a person in recovery. This way you can be accountable to one another to an extent.
  2. I bought my 1st vehicle with my own income, and I paid the loan off with my own money, and I maintained it with my own money.
  3. I got married in 1992 to Carolyn Bartrem, we bought a home and lived there with 5 dogs until she passed in 2006.
  4. I lived alone for the first time ever for 2 years, and I still managed to stay clean throughout the whole ordeal.
  5. I got married again in 2008 to Alta Bartrem, and so far we’ve been together for 11 wonderful years.
  6. I have 3 grown kids. 2 men and 1 woman, and 4 granddaughters.
    Sure, I’ve had challenges along the way, but they don’t compare to all of the wonderful things that God has given to me.

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