Ruffled Feathers

Roe VS Wade and other topics that divide us

Hello, so, we all want women to have the right to choose, or at least I do, but I’ve got a big problem with abortion. No, I don’t think abortion should be illegal, but I do think that abortion should be the very last option for a woman with an unwanted pregnancy.
The one option that is hardly ever brought up is Adoption, yes, that’s right, adoption, think about it, with adoption everyone wins.
The baby lives, the mother doesn’t feel as though she has had something killed that was living inside of her, and a childless couple gets to adopt a kid into their loving family.
If Roe vs Wade is to survive, it should stand the way that it is. There, I added my 2 cents.

And now for something completely different

I’d like to believe that Christianity is a personal choice, after all, being a Christian is having a personal relationship with God, is it not? or at least this is what I have been told by other Christians. Now, before I go any farther, I am a Christian, although I may not be the “picture perfect” Christian that most of my counterparts would envision one to be, and I’m alright with this.

  • Prayer in schools- We are molding young minds here, so why do we want our state and local government to do what we ourselves should be doing at home? Yes that personal choice thing is coming into play again. You and I could get down right ugly debating this one, but I prefer to take the softer approach.
  • Darwinism V.S. Creationism- As we all know these are both considered theories, and theories are well educated assumptions (meaning that there are pieces of proof) so, why does Darwin (who has proof) get preference over Creation that also has proof? Schools could be required to give equal time to both theories. So, I’m not telling you something you have not already thought about, however, I am setting the stage for deeper thought.

Christ in Politics

Really? all I ever see is Christian Conservatives hard at work to shove their flavor of Christian beliefs down other peoples throats. I was under the impression that we (Christians) were supposed to be Trying to become living examples of Christ.

  • Shouting and making fun of others- Christ was shouted at a lot of times but the bible never ever depicts him as shouting anyone down, nor did he ever call them names and treat them as second class folks. Yes, we humans get impassioned and carried away but not once have we looked at our own actions and admitted that “maybe we could have been less of an Asshole”.
  • “If being a Christian is a personal walk with Christ, and a personal choice? then why do most Christians want you to do as they do?”
  • Christ did not send people away- When Christ became overwhelmed by the amount of folks who gathered to listen to him, he never sent them away, but he did take time out to be alone with himself or his close friends.
    He did not build walls and categorize people as as bad based on where they came from or what language they spoke or the color of their skin.
    There are so many good things about being a “Christian” but they are so overshadowed right now because of the Far Right wing Christians.
    Sure I’m flawed, yes I’m not that “Fine upstanding Christian” and no, I chose not to be. I chose to be a real person who is seeking answers from Christ on how to be a better person.

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