Where I came from Part 4

Napalm and roses

I was going to make a bulleted list of things that happened to help shape my life, but I decided to just have you walk with me through it.

Back when I first met Joe, Flip, Snake, Tank and Bull they had broke into a doctors office a day before, and they stole any medications that he had that the words ended with Nol or Tol because Snake had a physicians desk reference that described what the names of medications were and what they were for.
So Joe,Snake,Tank and Bull were the usual suspects and were questioned by the police, but never charged with any crime.
I met Joe, Bull and Skip one winter afternoon when the snow was three feet deep on the ground. The streets had not been plowed as of yet, but cars and trucks made their way through the slushy roads anyway. Skip was a bit too high and lost control of his car and ran into a tree on side street beside our house. Bull and Joe got out to push the car away from the tree and back on to the street. I watched what had happened through our kitchen window, so I got a heavy winter coat on and went out to help them push. I introduced myself, we pushed on the car and freed it from the snow and the tree, they apologized for hitting the tree and thanked me for my help and then they drove off.
I was in 8th grade Middle School at the time (I was held back a grade when I was in 1st grade, I was considered by experts to be a slow learner) Joe,Flip, Kirby and Skip were in 11th grade High School back at that time. I got to know them and their little brothers as well.

I’m going to try and condense this part of my life because I’m telling you a story, I’m not writing long autobiography. Although I could, but I want you to read it not say “Here we go again.” And my Wife and a very dear friend told me to just do it!

When I went on to 10th grade (High School) my dad had been dead for 2 years now, and I was getting my new life together as a “BurnOut” yup that’s what they called us, and we did our best to live up to that label. I met Kirby’s girlfriend Judy in my English class. two thing that stand out in my mind about her is that one, she was a Tomboy and two she had very long black hair. I found out that Judy lived 2 blocks away from me, she invited me over to her house one afternoon. Her dad had been home from the Vietnam war for about 2 months and had brought a Vietnamese women, that he married while over there back home with him. There was a huge troop transport truck in their driveway, her dad was in the Army Reserves. Judy and 4 other kids were sitting on the front lawn, as I walked up to them Judy shouted out “Hey Gordie! come over here I gotta show you something” Judy told me to act as if I was going to punch her in the face, so I did, I threw my arm forward toward her, She grabbed my arm and crouched down and arched me forward and threw me over her shoulder and on to the ground. I was so impressed I lit up a couple of joints and passed them around. Then I asked her to do it again. I found that every time I hit the ground my head buzz would get more intense. Judy got bored…. LoL

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