Where I came from part 6

So, I’m sitting on an empty milk crate in Joe’s garage with Joe and Flip, the day before Joe had asked me to move his car out of the street so that another car could pass by. I had no idea how to drive a car, but I wanted to look as though I did. So I hopped in to the driver seat and grabbed the wheel, I thought very quickly of watching my mom and my dad drive, and how they used the shift, the brake and the gas pedal, and then I pressed the brake and shifted into drive. I was excited I did it! I was driving, I, I, had no idea what I was doing, I heard them yelling STOP! STOP! but how? I lost control and just threw the shifter into park and all of a sudden I heard a very long and very loud grinding sound. The car slowed down to a creep and stopped, I knew I did something wrong because I heard Joe shouting “you stupid mutha fucker ” at me, and his friends were all laughing at me. I got out of the car and hung my head and apologized, and Joe just said “get out of here” and I walked back home.

Now back to the garage-
So here I am sitting on a milk crate listening to Joe and Flip bitch at me about how I fucked up Joe’s vintage Chevy, and how Joe should beat my ass and how Flip should hold me while Joe beats the shit outta me. I look up to the roof of the garage and notice a hangman’s noose tied to the rafter above my head. Joe sees me looking at it and he says to me “that’s right Gordie, we are gonna hang your fuck’n ass” I’m frozen in fear, I can’t move, Flip and Joe throw a few more threats and insults my way and my thought at that moment was “I’m gonna die, they are really gonna kill me, well fuck that”. Joe turned his back toward me to roll a joint and flip just sat and stared at me, I got up, stood on the crate, shouted FUCK YOU! , I put the noose around my neck and then I jumped, I think I swung for a few seconds before they realized what had just happened. Joe hurried up and grabbed me and got me down while yelling WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? I told him that if he was gonna kill me that I was gonna go out my way, he said “we were only joking Gordie, we weren’t gonna kill ya” as he handed me the joint. I asked him with anger in my voice ” Then why the hell did you say that?” we were all calming down as the weed took hold of us and for a quick minute I thought that Joe and Flip actually had some kind of respect for me, hey, I was not about to argue.

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