The Quarantine Files

Hello to all of you from the greater part of Eastern Tennessee, I hope this message finds you well and not stir crazy. This will be day 4 of me and my family’s quarantine experience. We are all doing alright, so far we ventured out to a few grocery stores in our area to get food for this month and we’ve been able to find almost all that we have needed. The stories are true about toilet paper and cleaning supplies, as each store we visited had next to nothing in those isles, although the stores were missing the hordes of crazed fighting shoppers which I’d seen in videos on Twitter, but that was fine with me.

Day 7 of semi-isolation, when I say semi isolation, I mean that I am leaving the house to run essential errands but I’m not going out running around willy nilly doing things that don’t have a real purpose to them.
My wife job has shut down for 3 weeks and she is in her 2nd week at home. The college that she attends shut down for the rest of the school year but the good part is she will be able to do her studies from home on her laptop.

Day 10– My Mental Health center has shut their doors until further notice, but they will keep in contact with me twice a week by phone, and send me assignments to do via email.
My wife and I are both high risk since we both have COPD but of course I’m the older one so she is more freaked out about me getting sick. So, she has told me to stay the hell home and let her run all of the errands, which is alright with me since I’m the isolationist of the family. Well, that’s all for this update, more to come, thanks for reading.

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