Where I came from Part 8

So I met Tom a year after I graduated from high school, he and his family had moved to Wayne, MI. from Westland, MI. a few months before I met him. Tom had two older brothers, the oldest was Frank and the next older was John. Tom’s whole family worked for a General Motors transmission plant called Hydra-matic that was located Ypsilanti, MI.

I used to go hang out at the county park that was behind my old high school the year after I graduated, which is where I met Tom. I was down there smoking a few joints with some friends when Tom walked up and got in the circle and introduced himself, and from then on we hung out together quite often. Steve liked him, and we all hung out together for a while but Steve had a few friends who liked to hunt and he was a born hunter and I was becoming more of a burnout so we’d part ways for 2 to 3 weeks I was getting deeper and deeper in to drugs and Steve was going in a different direction.

Tom was 4 years older than I was, he was born in 1955 and I was born in 1958. I thought our age difference was kind of cool because when he talked about the good old days I could relate to what it was he was talking about for the most part since our ages were not that far apart from each other. Tom had got his driver license suspended for a few months because of a driving while impaired traffic ticket he had got before I’d met him, plus he wasn’t working and he didn’t have a car anymore, so, we walked around most of the time wherever we went. The added advantage to walking while partying was, we’d have less of a chance of getting busted by the cops.
We’d walk down to the local park and find a picnic table, drag it under a shady tree and roll some joints and chug a beer or few. In the summer wasps would buzz around us a lot, so Tom taught me a cool trick to trap the wasps with. Take a bottle of Mountain Dew, drink about 4 large sips out of it and set it on a picnic table 1 or 2 tables away from where you are. The bees and wasps and other flying insects will fly over to the bottle of soda and trap themselves in the bottle and drown, and it almost always worked. I was kind of fun watching the flying insects drown themselves in soda pop.

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