Where I came from Part 9

So, it’s been 1 year since Tom was murdered, I’ve told you about the details of his death and about the funeral in part 8. Now we go on to the rest of my story.

I was still hanging out with the gang (Joe, Tank,Bull, Skip,Snake, Kirby and Judy and sometimes Steve) I’d become closer friends with Snake I guess because we shared a bond of loss, he lost his oldest sister to breast cancer that same year. Snake was an ok guy but he was a bully like the other folks that I hung out with. Snake was our so-called dealer, He dealt in weed and coke and some other things. I’d call Snake a lot and arrange to buy weed from him.

My family room or (back room as I called it) was a very popular place, Snake would bring over folks that I knew of while growing up, but I had never met until Snake brought them by to shoot pool and party. We smoke a shit load of weed and chug a few cases of beers.Sometimes Snake would have some killer LSD and I’d do a couple of hits and be stupid for the rest of the night, tripping my brains out and playing records like (Jonny Winter, Ten Years After or J. Giles) just to keep the mood going. Bull,Tank, Skip and Kirby would be there too and sometimes Judy would be there. The parties would last until 3am and then people would go home and then I would turn on the radio and listen to some good rock on WRIF or WABX until the sun came up I’d roll the last joint I had and smoke it to mellow out, then I’d go to bed.

Once Kirby and Judy took me to a party over at Judy’s older sister’s place in a housing project that was in Taylor,MI. It was nicknamed Sin City, It was called Sin City because a lot of welfare families lived there and there were a lot of drugs that floated around there. I had found some really good microdot acid earlier in the day, so I was all primed up for a good party.
We got to Judy’s sister”s place and I found a corner of the living room where I could sit and trip, every once in a while I’d get up and find myself a cold beer to drink. I’d get up from the corner and go upstairs where Kirby and Judy were at, I don’t remember just what it was that I did to piss Kirby off, but he kicked me down the stairs, and when I landed on my knees I didn’t spill my beer. I thought that was pretty cool. What made the night even stranger was I biker who came over, he was 6 foot something, and he was really drunk, his name was Big Foot, I looked up at him and said hello, and he picked me up and held me over his head and threw me against the wall on the opposite side of the room, everytime I landed I saw new patterns and colors, so I was laughing my ass off, which is not what BigFoot intended to happen.So he just got more angry every time he picked me up to throw me. It was about the time the Big Foot aimed me toward a large plate glass window that I called for help, because I saw some really bad shit about to happen to me. A neighbor called the cops and they came in and BigFoot dropped me on the floor and the cops handcuffed him and took him away. Then after that things started to calm down a bit.
Judy’s sister was pregnant with Skip’s baby,and Skip and her were fighting about something up stairs, Judy’s sister was yelling at Skip and I heard her say Fuck you Skip, if you don’t want the baby then neither do I. I looked up and saw Judy’s sister flying down the stairs, then I heard her say Fuck! That hurts, then Skip took her to the hospital emergency room where the baby was pronounced dead, and the sister came home crying at what she had done, she just kept yelling at Skip, see what you made me do! After that the party broke up and we all went home.

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